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To celebrate Prudent Baby’;s new business cards, I made myself a little card holder using some Anna Maria Horner Oilcloth in Little Folks –; Forrest Hills Berry (from City Craft, of course.)Get the Business Card Holder DIY after the jump.1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 4 1/2″; x 7″;. I used oilcloth for one and cotton for the other but you can use all cotton.

2. Cut one piece of light interfacing 4″; x 6 1/2″;. I used one that is only adhesive on 1-side but you can use the 2-sided as well.(ouch that’;s some bad lighting)

personalized pillow cases

3. Center your interfacing on the back of the “;inside”; fabric and iron in place. You can use parchment paper to protect your ironing board if you are using 2-sided interface. Iron the fabric sideaccent pillow case baby burlap rug, not the parchment paper : )

4. Alight the two pieces of fabric right-side facing and (if you like) pin along the very edge.

5. Sew just outside the interfacing on 3 sides leaving one short side open.

6. Trim the two sewn corners.

7. Turn inside-out.

8. Tuck in your open side and iron entire piece to crease the open end and to smooth the rest. If you are using oilcloth be sure to iron on the cotton side and on a low setting.

9. Zig-zag stitch the opening side closed with the needle hitting over the edge of the fabric on one side, like an overlock stitch. A few backstitches at the beginning and end will secure your stitches.

10. Fold over your card pocket 1 3/4″; and zig-zag stitch one side closed with the needle hitting over the edge of the fabric on one side, like an overlock stitch. A few backstitches at the beginning and end will secure your stitches. I stopped about an 1/4″; from the bottom to keep it looking a little neater. Repeat on other side.

11. Fold top over to meet bottom crease. Because the oilcloth and interfacing are a bit fold-resistant, I added a few forward and back zig-zag stitches at the edges of the top fold. If you are using cotton, you can likely just iron your fold flat.

12. I decided to add a snap to keep my card holder secure and flat. You can follow the instructions on the snap packaging to do so. It would have also been cute to sew a loop of pretty elastic into the seam of the front flap in step 5 and wrap it around the case to hold it closed.And that’;s it!

This easy bag has a self-closure and incorporates 3 cool tricks, 2 of which I figured out from studying bags I liked, and one which I made up myself. All 3 tricks save time and materials, without compromising the bag's quality. This is a great bag for carrying shoes, your lunch, or other small items. You can make up a smaller version out of a stiff fabric (e.g. leftover upholstery material) as I did with the yellow and red bag to use as an evening bag or wristlet. These easy bags are so quick to make, you can create one to go with every outfit! They also make great gifts.

You really can make this table runner in just 15 minutes! Two coordinating fabrics four straight lines of stitching a good pressing = new table decor. Add a set of Betty’s Wine Glass Slippers and you have a great last-minute house-warming or shower gift.

I have been adding a lot of copper kitchen accessories this year. Copper reminds me of the simplicity of my grandma’s kitchen and cooking. It’s timeless, ages beautifully and looks like new again with Bar Keeper’s Friend. I love the charm and hint of color it adds. It also reminds me of Martha Stewart’s Turkey Hill kitchen?that has evolved through the years and her Bedford Farm stable-turned-kitchen. These are a few of my favorite things in our kitchen: