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It. Is. Cold. Not just a bit chilly cold, but really, properly, ‘;our nose is the only thing peeking out from our head-to-toe layers and feels like it might drop off’; cold. Unless you’;re lucky enough to be nestled away somewhere snug you’;ve probably noticed Jack Frost has brought his bigger, older and less hospitable friend Abs(olutely) Freezing for a visit.

That pretty layer of white sparkle soon loses its charm when you have to venture out into the elements, so we recommend you just… don’;t. Stay inside instead. We’;ve got lots of ideas about how to barricade the frostiness and nurture the cosiness within your walls.

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Central heating isn’;t exactly the cheapest way to keep your home cosy, so unless you want to walk around in your bikini, resist the urge to turn it on full blast. Whether you use radiators, wood burners or have an open fireplace, there’;s plenty of ways to make sure you’;re using your heat source wisely and holding onto that precious warmth.

In winter, you need to think of your home as an exclusive venue, and you are the venue’;s bouncer. You want your guest performer (warmth from central heating, space heaters etc) to stay inside as long as possible, and you want any party-crashers (draughts, chills, breezes, icy blasts) to stay out.

The problem isaccent pillow case baby burlap rug, heat is also a cunning escape artist. You’;re paying for every moment your heating is on whether it stays or goes, so you deserve to hold onto it –; and a few precautions will help you keep that heat where it belongs (and stop any chills from sneaking in)…;

Draught excluders are long cushions that can be placed along the bottom of a doorway. They create a barrier that can be used just inside your front or back doors, or any internal doors, to stop chills sneaking through the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor beneath, or let the heat escape.

Unless you go overboard with the candles (which we don’;t recommend for safety and practicality reasons), you won’;t get a great deal of warmth from them. However, they will give off a little bit of heat, and they do help to create a warmth psychologically. That flickering amber glow is a cosy sight, and when added to the mix of other practical home-warmers they make a difference. The also make everything seem deliberate and pleasant rather than feeling like you’;ve been unwillingly barricaded in against a blizzard. If open flames don’;t do it for you and your overhead lighting is too much, invest in some cosy side lighting options, like a floor lamp or table lamps, to bring the brightness level down to a warming glow.

Call us and our hundreds of rugs biased, but there are very few rooms they can’;t enhancers. They feel nice under your feet all year round, but in winter they add extra warmth, and we’;re not just talking about laminate, lino, tiling and hardwoods. Yes, if you have non-carpeted floors a rug will make a huge difference in warmth and softness, but adding a rug to a carpet will also make an impact, particularly if you go for a completely different texture. Carpet fibres compact over time, so that once soft surface might not be so soft anymore. Introducing a rug, particularly a shaggy long-pile rug, gives a sink-in sensation that will keep your feet warmer.

Slippers and socks are not just a must-have, but a must-use. Yes, even those ones your aunt buys you every year have more appeal when the temperature drops. As satisfying as it is to kick off your work shoes and even fling those socks across the room before enjoying some toe-wiggling freedom, you’;re leaving those little piggies exposed to the cold. At night time keep your slippers next to your bed so they’;re easy to find in your sleepy morning haze, and feel the benefit of snug soles as you shuffle to the bathroom.

Heaters are a great investment for a few reasons. Firstly, unlike a radiator, you get to decide where they are going to live, and can move them if needed whether that’;s between rooms or position them in a particular direction. Secondly, a heater can be used to heat a single space, which is a great idea if you’;re only using one or two rooms in a larger house. Thirdly, if there is someone in your home who is particularly sensitive to feeling the cold, you can heat their room without making the rest of the family sweat.

Curtains aren’;t very exciting and no-one expects them to be. Even the most flamboyant patterns and colours fade into the background once you’;ve spent enough evenings with them. So, when we say thermal curtains are fantastic and you should absolutely get some, we’;re not trying to raise your excitement levels, we’;re talking about the invisible benefits they’;ll bring to your rooms. Thermal curtains have a laundry list of advantages you won’;t get with your average pair of drapes –; the thermal coating provides maximum insulation that works to keep warmth in and cold out, forming a barrier to draughts, and because of this incredible insulation you’;ll be getting better use of the central heating, which will in turn save you money.

Curtains are for (a period of your) life, not just for Christmas, so you’;ll also be pleased to know that the thermal lining offers year-round benefits. Just as good at keeping heat in as they are at keeping heat out, keeping your thermal curtains closed during hot summer days will help to keep your home nice and cool. And they help to reduce noise levels too.

Cold weather happens, but you don’t need to take it lying down. Or you can if you want, just cover yourself in a super soft blanket at the same time.

Whether it’;s in the living room or bedroom, you’;ll never regret having a throw or blanket to hand. Ideal for those times when you want a little extra warmth on the sofa, but also convenient for those times you realise you’;re slightly too hot, and need to air an arm or leg to get back to that perfect snug level. (We’;ve also been known to wear our blankets while moving around the house so we can maintain our bubble of contended cosiness.)

In the depths of winter, always have a blanket or throw in easy reach of your bed. They give a decorative look when folded at the foot of the bed, and can easily be pulled over the bed for an extra layer when it gets too cold at night. Our top tip to save you some effort in the night is to fold the blanket in a way that means you can be tucked up in bed and pull the blanket straight up, to save you trying to distribute it evenly when you’;re chilly but half asleep.

If you really want to step up your blanket game, go electric. If you’;re prone to feeling the cold or want a way to avoid using the heating or a space heater in your bedroom, get an electric blanket and never look back. Pretty much plug in and go, they can heat up in as little as 5 minutes, cost as little as 1p a night, and have a bunch of features like auto turn-off timers, the ability to heat left and right sides separately, and being machine washing friendly. You’;ll wonder how you coped without one.

Your kitchen may contain a fridge freezer, but it shouldn’;t feel like one. Tiles, lino, and floorboards give your feet a highly ‘;refreshing’; sensation when you have to scurry across them first thing to put the kettle on. But it’;s not all bad –; in addition to our good friend the kettle, there’;s also a lot of other highly warming offerings the kitchen can provide.

One of our favourite things about winter is the comfort food. Steaming pots of stew, gallons of piping hot soup with loaves of bread the size of small dogs, mountains of pasta emerging from rivers of rich sauce, jacket potatoes loaded with cheese and anything else we have lying around. If it’;s hot, tasty and makes you happy, we’;re all for it. If it’;s hot, tasty, makes you happy AND is easy to make, all the better.

Here’;s what your winter kitchen needs:

And while you’;re cooking up a storm, the steam and heat will help to warm the room and the chef up nicely.

So that’;s it, our master plan for keeping warm even on the chilliest days. Nothing big, nothing crazy, just a few little changes here and there that all add up to a much warmer home. We’;re always on the lookout for new ideas –; do you have any warming tips you swear by?

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