accent pillow case baby burlap rug How Naturepedic Certified Organic Mattresses Are Made accent pillow case baby

People love to see things built. ?Shows like Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made cater to our fascination to watch finished products emerge from raw materials.

Having an office near the Naturepedic manufacturing floor, I often watch giant rolls of organic cottonaccent pillow case baby burlap rug, wool and other materials turn into finished mattresses at the hands of talented craftspeople. ?Like a sunset, I don’t tire of watching it.

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Thanks to agency Flourish Inc. you can spend 2-1/2 minutes experiencing the cool factor of our factory in Luxury Organic Mattresses: A Behind The Scenes Look. ?As a result of Flourish’s brilliant vision and execution in creating this video, you can truly get a sense of the craftsmanship and pride that goes into each of our mattresses.

The video is so amazing it earned Flourish a 2013 Gold Addy award from the American Advertising Federation –; Cleveland. Watch it and you’ll see why.

Take a break and step into our factory for a few minutes. You’ll leave refreshed!

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