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It seems that gran and her knitting needles?aren't?so uncool and old fashioned after all, with the? appearance and growing popularity of knitted fashion clothing and accessories making their way into the market,? it’s no surprise this “woolly” trend has found its way into interiors inspiring the overall design and feel of our homes. Many would consider knitting and crochet an art that had moved on with the times, but how wrong we were as there are many contemporary and upcoming designers rekindling the craft and creating some inspiring homely interiors accessories and furnishings that are sure to astonish you and take you back.

There is nothing more warming and cosy than the feel of a cable knit jumper on a cold or rainy day, however what could be even better if it’s scaled ten times as big and spread across your king size in the form of a neutral cream throw cover. This knit bedding accompanied with matching yarn throw pillows is a freshaccent pillow case baby burlap rug, clean and comforting addition to the overall design of this bedroom making the room appear much more open , spacious and brighter which is sure to brighten your mood to. If it’s dreary outside it’s safe to say wrapped up in a blanket like this you’re sure to be warm and dry inside.

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Looking much more broadly at this craft of knit one purl two, many creative designers have taken this traditional technique and distinctively created fresh, modern and innovative interpretations of home furnishings to style and embellish your home. The variations in knit styles, textures and patterns with the use of some very neutral and calming colour palettes such as grey, beige and creams have clearly been features used within the sofa, cushions and miniature stool seen in the living room setting above. In keeping with the overall theme and feel of the room these woolly furnishings clearly have charm, individuality and characteristics of their own that complement the slightly weathered and shabby cottage décor of this living space.

After a long day potentially knitting something like this yourself if you’re feeling ambitious enough it’s safe to say you’d want to indulge in its fine qualities, collapse and give your knitting needles a well-deserved rest. The possibilities and uses for knit, crotchet or stitch in your home are endless and I bet right now you’re eager to give it ago for yourself. If you are the creative type then there would be nothing more rewarding and satisfying than creating your own knit project to include in different parts of your home it can be anything from throw pillows, rugs, curtains, a bed cover, lampshades and so much more. Though it may take a while if you’re lucky enough you can recruit your gran for extra help, although be sure to pay her in plenty of cups of tea as I’m sure her times not cheap but it will be certainly time well spent.

Recently I decided to make new Christmas Stockings for my family. While I was searching for a Christmas Stocking Pattern I found so many cute ideas that I thought I’d share what I found with all of you! I hope that you find loads of great inspiration for your project!