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Here’;s a note from Mary Lou Micheaels, WeAllSew.com reader:

After watching Jo’;s Quick Holiday Gifts Webinar, I knew I had the perfect way to make my son’;s t-shirt quilt. Combining ideas from the t-shirt scarf and the patchwork fleece blanketaccent pillow case baby burlap rug, I was able to finally use the t-shirts I have been saving into a great memory quilt for my son. I cut 14″; squares, combining any shirts that were not big enough. I used a 3-thread flatlock serger stitch to put the squares together. My original plan was to make it back-to-back with just t-shirts (since it doesn’;t normally get that cold here in Arizona), but my son is 6’;4″; and after putting the two halves together, I decided it would be better to use all of the shirts on the front. I backed it with sweatshirt fleece (no batting needed); it is just perfect that way, and the fleece is a good match for the t-shirts. I tacked the front to the back at each corner with the “;button sew-on”; stitch, going over it a second time to make it very secure. Once it was backed and trimmed I used a 3-thread overlock stitch with variegated thread around the outside edges. I can’;t wait for him to open it on Christmas morning!

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