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Teri says

burlap pillow cover diy

September 21, 2016 at 4:58 pm

Any thoughts on how I can make the aquaduck extender fit on a high arch type faucet ? I’;m asking because I already have one and I love it but now that we have moved it doesn’;t fit in our faucet now :( really didnt want to buy another oneThanks

UPDATE: All of the Wizard of Oz DIY Costumes are done and can be viewed by clicking the link!! Enjoy!

Just as the season slowly transitions from summer to fall, so does our home. I gradually change pillow covers, update to cozier throws and bring in bits of nature. For those who know me or have been following along through the years, you won’t be surprised that our fall decorations are minimal. Because our home is a neutral canvas, little pops of color and embellishments make a big impact.?This year I’m joining the?Finding Fall Home Tour?hosted by my friend Laura of?Finding Home Farms?{which sells THE best maple syrup}and 16 other bloggers along with Better Homes and Gardens! If you haven’t stopped by In My Own Style yet, please do! Diane’s home is just as beautiful as she is.?You can also start the tour from the beginning here.

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