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Cool, crisp, pale backgrounds showcase pastel pinks, lilacs and deep mauve shades in three very unique designs which feature stunning digital images of giant flora and fauna. The collections are accessorised with plains and textures for a truly stylish designer edgejute lumbar pillow, so take an envious look at 'Rana-Rose', Adahli &; Senna from Karl Lagerfeld.

The Rana-Rose Bedding Collection - in Pink

Warming taupe and pinkie greys come together in perfect harmony with pastel pinks, and whites, amid a profusion of velvety Ranunculi - in full bloom. This collection is unapologetically and breath-takingly feminine, but in an ultra modern, up-beat and ultra stylish way!

If you want to emulate the subtly coordinated and unmistakably sophisticated look of the Lagerfeld Label, by adding some accessories to your own décor and furnishings, then here's some product inspiration to help you to get this beautifully feminine but sophisticated look by combining soft summer pastels, subtle muted greys and luxurious textures.

Susan Dwyer of Up In The Air Somewhere, is one of our favorites. A local designer who creates elegant ceramics inspired by the positive and negative spaces around her. After graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied sculpture, Dwyer focused primarily on ceramics and papier-maché vessels inspired by the clean, minimal lines found in industrial architecture. These took off without a hitch and got attention from the likes of The New York Times, Design Sponge, Food Wine, Real Simple and Chicago Social, just to name a few.

Bringing home a new puppy can be a very challenging and exciting experience, often all at once. With wet kisses and wagging tails, it’s easy to let them into our hearts and homes. Before you make the leap, be sure you’re prepared to make that transitional puppy period a comfortable—and stylish—one for all involved. Check out our new puppy checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything.

To me, January represents a clean slate. After the color and chaos of the holidays, I like to restore my home to a more neutral and calming state. It’s been a blanket of white outside for days and now inside as well. For the most part, the main level of our home is neutral in color. It provides a beautiful backdrop to any hint of holiday and seasonal decor I add in through the year. It easily transitions. In January, I don’t have a lot of added decor, just a few paper whites and succulents to brighten the space and add a beautiful fragrance. Our home feels so fresh, clean and almost new again. By February, I’ll be adding in touches of red and pink, but for now, I’ll relax and enjoy this new beginning with winter white January decor.